Selected stories

I have written hundreds of science and health news stories, but these are a few of my favorites:

Medicine’s Moveable Feast
Nature Medicine
July 11, 2017
… in which I find out how ancient viruses behave inside our genome.

Pooched Out
The New York Times Magazine
May 21, 2017
… in which I delve into dog genetics and what it means for human obesity.

A Peanut’s Progress
The New York Times Magazine
December 18, 2016
… in which I taste test a peanut treated with enzymes to make it less dangerous.

Metabolism in mind
Nature Medicine
July 7, 2016
… in which I listen in to the conversation between the gut and brain.

Newly Risen From Yeast: THC
The New York Times
September 14, 2015
… in which I learn how microorganisms can be engineered into cannabinoid factories.

Rethinking the formula
Nature Medicine
May 2013
… in which I meet with patients advocating for vital medical foods to be covered by insurance.

An unexpectedly bright idea
The Economist
June 9, 2005
… in which I spoke with one of the inventors of laser technology.

Up, up and away
Plenty Magazine
June/July, 2005
… in which I traveled to see a presentation by Boeing engineers designing a fuel-cell airplane.

Skype beyond the hype
MIT Technology Review
June 1, 2004
… in which I interviewed the engineers behind Skype in a renovated Soviet-era factory in Tallinn.