Science writer and editor

Roxanne Khamsi is a science writer and editor. Her reporting has taken her from the outskirts of Madrid, where she met with Boeing engineers designing a fuel-cell airplane, to a psychiatric facility in the suburbs of New York City, where she learned about the ethical issues of treating patients with long-acting antipsychotics. She has interviewed the likes of Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales as his website gained popularity, traveled to Estonia to meet with the computer developers of Skype as they prepared to launch their product worldwide, and spoken with the musician Bjork about how science inspires art.

Roxanne has written hundreds of news articles about a diverse variety of scientific topics, ranging from genetics to telecommunications as well as niche fields such as neuroeconomics to paleobiology. In the course of her reporting, Roxanne has sampled specially formulated medical foods, devoured organic chocolate and learned about new tests for mad cow disease. For one of her earliest news stories, she learned how to tell time using a prawn sandwich.

Roxanne has worked as a biomedical reporter in London, Boston and New York. She also served as deputy editor of The Baltic Times, an English-language newspaper serving Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, in Riga during the same year that the Baltic States joined the European Union.